What is kink coaching?

I’m sure, you are familiar with the term: life-coaching, right?

Kink coaching is a similar concept. It’s like having a MENTOR, someone who will hold your hand (spank you) keep you accountable through your kink exploration. You will have a person – who is a qualified life-coach with great amount of experience as a D/S player (I’m a pro-Domme 6+years)- to ask questions, discuss your desires, learn and evaluate your BDSM persona. Someone who is safe, experienced, strict, but encouraging enuogh that you’d feel understood. Someone who is caring, creative and intuitive to hold space to facilitate your deepest cravings, darkest fantasies and show you how to open your mind – ‘Pandora-box’  -to live your kink.

Someone who will challenge you every-day to grow, play, learn about your kink. Someone who inspires you to embrace, communicate, do things that you never dared to tell anyone (before).

Someone who will help you draw your silver line between BDSM heaven and hell. Someone who knows how to do a step-by-step action plan to add more kink into your (vanilla) life, find a kinky partner, embrace your true bdsm persona without feeling quilty, shamed, repressed or misunderstood.

That would be me, your KINK-coach, Miss AVA 🙂

Did you know that about 50% of the population admits to some interest in BDSM? If you’re here, which you are, you are not alone.

What will happen first?

We’ll start out by discussing in depth what are your goals and plan together on how to make them happen.

I’ll give you tips and techniques for bringing out your Dominant or Submissive side into your relationship…

If you are asking:

* Is this weird, or am I okay if I want _____ (fill in the blank for your given fetish(es))

* How can I find a good play partner?

* How can I bring in my kinks to my relationship?

* How can I play safely, consciously, and legally?

* How can I bring in others to my relationships in a conscious, consensual way?

then I would like to help you find the answers…

I offer kink coaching or BDSM consulting for your overall life improvement. If you having issues on losing weight, keeping up with business goals, dating, ect… I’m here to kick your ass to meet those promises and deadlines we set for you!

Sounds good? Interested? Book your discovery call with me today! 

I am also available for BDSM couple’s LIVE DUNGEON kink training in Budapest at my Dungeon.


*Tease and Denial

*Corporal Punishment

* Pegging 101

*Foot Fetish

*Shoe and Boot Worship

*Role play


*Sissy/slut training + forced fem + feminization

*Slave/sub training

*Dungeon Dinner Dates – and other creative playdates outside the dungeon.